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iPad US Most Wanted Gift

It seems that kids in the US have Christmas lists that don’t include what you would normally expect.

According to a report on MCV UK, children in the USA aged six to twelve want an iPad the most for Christmas. What I found really interesting is that Apple dominates four of the top five Christmas gifts. The top most-wanted gift is an iPad followed by the new Nintendo Wii U. After that, the iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPhone rank in the top five. I’m also pleased to report that my faith in humanity has been restored as something called a “Computer” is next on the list which is actually above both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Of all the gaming systems, the PlayStation Vita is near the bottom and given the price, this isn’t really a surprise to me. It’s even lower than the Nintendo Wii and the original PlayStation Portable. What a sad day for Sony.

If one looks at the statistics for US persons over the age of 13, it’s interesting to see another development.

The PC is rising quite heavily and will be on the list where 19 percent of kids over the age of 13 in the US want one. The iPad still retains the top spot though which isn’t surprising but other brand of smart phones are a lot higher up on the list along with iPhones.

It’s quite nice to see that certain things are on the rise such as PC’s and even eReaders. Granted, these reports are only for US children but we generally find that their trends point towards a global move.