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Internet Problems at Riot Games

League of Legends (LoL) was almost unplayable for some Summoners over the weekend as Riot Games had some internet problems.

On Saturday, 16 November, night Riot Games’ internet connections to the Frankfurt data centre had some difficulties that resulted in reducing the amount of bandwidth available to player traffic.

Some of you might not know but the Frankfurt data centre supports the Europe West (EUW) and Europe Nordic and East (EUNE) game servers, as well as the Russia and Turkey platforms.

According to Ron “sonicdeathriot” Williams, the VP of Operations at Riot Games, “We have been working through the weekend to bring additional Internet capacity online in Frankfurt and will continue to add more over the next several days. We could create some connectivity issues while we are doing this work but we will have messaging up to players in the game client when we think there could be an unplanned outage. We might also take a one or two planned down times in the early morning hours this week to make some bigger changes to our Frankfurt Internet connections.”

Riot Games is still working on switching EUW and EUNE to brand new platform and game servers in Amsterdam, this move will be happening in early 2014. It is good to see that Riot Games are working on fixing the EUW and EUNE servers, as people are always complaining that Riot Games doesn’t care about those servers.

Unrelated to the internet issues, the EUW server had a serious problem on Sunday, 17 November, where Summoners not only had a problem logging on, the games were not starting properly and this caused huge turmoil within the community. The issue has since been resolved and Riot Games will be keeping an eye on the systems that were involved in the problem to make sure they get on future problems a lot faster.

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