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Intel Might Change the Game

Intel may be trying to kill off PC’s by launching BGA chips where, word has it, Intel won’t be releasing separate CPU chips in the future.

According to a report on SemiAccurate, the new Intel PC chip being called Broadwell will apparently not be coming in an LGA package that all chips come in now. This means that the chip itself will not be removable from the motherboard.

The Broadwell chip is supposed to be the 14nm successor to next year’s Haswell CPU chip and will essentially just shut out any competition. The CPU will be soldered down to the motherboard and what’s worst about all this is that apparently Intel didn’t tell all the parties involved.

Intel Core i7 Intel Core i7

The way things go these days is that gamers who are looking to custom build their PC’s from scratch are able to select from a wide variety of motherboards including the likes of Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and Intel, to name a few. From there, gamers buy a CPU with a matching socket that will fit into the motherboard and be left satisfied with their quality choices. What this soldering does is shut out any outside companies from creating different motherboards as the CPU's will not be sold separately and instead be soldered down to Intel boards only.

SemiAccurate has been told that a number of OEM’s have confirmed to have been briefed that the Broadwell will be BGA only. What does all of this mean for PC gamers? Well, it’s not a good sign. It probably means you will need to buy yourself an Intel motherboard with the CPU soldered into it rather than buy a different brand and have the CPU socketed in. It means that fan-favourites like ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and others will be motherboards of the past as Intel stretches its devilish claws out and creates a monopoly over motherboard costs and choices.

To read more details on what is going on with the new Broadwell chips, you can head over to the SemiAccurate website.