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Hitman’s Weekend Patch

The latest patch for Hitman: Absolution has been released through Steam and fixes a number of issues within the game.

The new patch from IO Interactive is patch v1.0.438 and has some tweaks and fixes. Some configuration issues and some of the Sniper Challenge unlocks will carry over into the game correctly now. The biggest of the tweaks though has to be the ability to skip intro movies which previously wasn’t in the game.

The full list of patch notes can be found below:

  • Players using the Russian language will no longer crash as soon as they use the sniper rifle.
  • Various issues that have been seen on specific configurations that caused the game to not be able to start up at all have been addressed.
  • Problems with the Sniper Challenge Unlocks not carrying over into Hitman: Absolution have been addressed. On first starting the patched game you will receive your unlocks.
  • Problems with negative level-scores have been fixed. Newly accomplished positive scores will be needed to erase your incorrectly remembered negative scores.
  • A problem with keyboard and mouse controls where users would accidentally melee attack a person next to them when they intended to throw an item has been addressed.
  • Legal and Intro movies can now be skipped immediately on startup after the game, on all launches but the very first on a machine.
  • DirectX 10 hardware can now enable the simplest version of the Depth Of Field effect.
  • Problems with audio occasionally being muted after ALT-TAB have been fixed.
  • Various localization fixes.
  • Miscellaneous other stability and general improvements based on crashes we have seen coming in.

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