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Guy Hits $10,000 in Diablo 3

A user by the name of “WishboneTheDog” has been able to breach the $10,000 mark from Diablo 3 using the Real Money Auction House (RMAH).

His Reddit post confirms the validity with a number of PayPal transactions that he has had on both gold and RMAH auctions. While this user may or may not be the first person to hit such a target, he is definitely the most helpful as there are a huge number of questions asking about it and some pretty great answers too.

“WishboneTheDog” has spent somewhere along the lines of eight to 14 hours per day on doing the same repetitive things in Diablo 3, ie. kill, loot, sell. For those that may have complained at some point about the RMAH, it doesn’t seem to be impossible to navigate.

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