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GTA 5 Details Emerge

Eurogamer reports that new details about Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated title, Grand Theft Auto V, have emerged.

You’ll be able to switch effortlessly between three different characters, including a retired bank robber forced back into a life of crime because of his trophy wife’s constant spending; a junkie and ex-military pilot; and a hustler working for an Armenian car dealership.

Grand Theft Auto 5 The good, the bad and the bank robbers in Grand Theft Auto 5.

One mission you can look forward to involves all three characters, saving a target for interrogation or torture. Fly a helicopter, be a sniper and smash through windows. Seems like good fun.

The title’s art director, Aaron Garbut says the game’s setting is much larger than GTA San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption – the world is so vast you can jump into your scuba gear and swim on the ocean floor.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Its a big world out there... and stealing a jet ski is just one good way to spend your time.

Other features include giving people the middle finger and different characters will react differently: a dodgy dude on the corner might throw down, while a soccer mom might have a very different reaction. We also know that there’s some kind of multiplayer aspect to the game, but for now Rockstar is keeping very quiet about it.