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Get Your Own Mech

Got some extra cash? Say, in the region of $1.3 Million? And keen to impress your friends? Forget about a fancy car, get yourself a mech.

That's what the Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry will sell you, according to Kotaku – a custom built, operational mech. Just like from every Japanese sci-fi anime ever made.

The Mechs are called the “Kuratas” and incorporate some optional extras such as shields and weapons, which vary in the region of $50-$80,000 each. You'll have the option of any paint scheme you want.


It seems a bit suspect though – shield technology is still in the experimental stages. There are also question marks over the whole video, but that does show an operational model and gives the details on how it all works.

There's no guarantee that it's safe, however, with the Japanese company calling it an 'art piece' and making sure that no one thinks they can really use the thing for anything else but to show off. It does, however, have a targeting system and functional weaponry – although the weaponry is 'non-lethal'.

Worth the money? If had the cash, I'd be the first to sign up! After I make sure it's legit, of course.

Check out the website for more (at the time of writing, the site seems unstable, however). Here's some of the details you'll find there on the Mech (quoted as-is, so mind the grammar and spelling errors):


    KURATAS is the first giant boarding-robot, which is about four meters height. Robot pilot, an occupation most man would want to be, comes true at last.


    KURATAS has the AE "V-Sido", the control system of the computer technology is watched by all world with interest. Not only operating by boarding the pilot’s seat, but also enabling you to control and interact KURATAS with Kinect*. Moreover, without taking a professional training such as a combat plane, people can operate it easily. Furthermore, you can control KURATAS via the mobile 3G Internet access.


    We could customize your KURATAS as what you hope; holding a squirt gun as a fire fighter, painting a body camouflage as a ranger in jungle, giving a mop and a cleaner as a home cleaning robot, so it is really up to you.


    Wherever you are, you can buy KURATAS on the online site, which will be opened when KURATAS Project completed.


    Height : about 4,000 mm / Width: about 3,000 mm / Length : about 4,000 mm / Weight : about 4,500 kg

    Control system : AE V-sido