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GamesCom – Ryse: Son of Rome Looking Good

Ryse: Son of Rome is still in the developmental process, but things definitely seem to be ticking along quite nicely. The first thing I noticed when being shuffled into the room was that it looks to be an extremely pretty game, as is expected from any game running the Crytek engine.

They demo the developers from Crytek showed us was just a combat demo, demonstrating how combat is going to work in the game. You had two means of attack in the combat demo, by throwing a spear using the quick throw key, and the good old fashioned sword and shield that the Romans were famed for.

It is clear that the AI in this game is not stupid, as the Crytek Developer managed to not die for the first time that day while I watched, (It was 17:30 in the evening – the show started at 9am) purely because the AI know how to take advantage of certain situations, and will try to surround you at any chance they get.

As for attacks, you as a player rely on focus to execute the special moves, called “executions”. You gain focus by executing well timed attacks and blocks, so you are able to do some pretty impressive moves quite often while in combat.

We also briefly saw a multiplayer side of things, which is set in coliseums. The coliseums are dynamic in nature, so things will definitely change around you while you fight, and you have the ability to do certain things, such as hyping the crowd before taking a kill to earn you crowd points.

Although this game is most likely only going to release some time next year, there are three things I can say for certain you can expect from Ryse: Son of Rome:

1. It will be shiny
2. There will be blood.
3. You will have fun.