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Free Metro Copies on Steam?

It seems that there may be a special coming up soon for gamers who pre-order Metro: Last Light on Steam.

According to a report on Fusible, THQ has registered a number of domains as the release date for Metro: Last Light draws closer. Two of the domains registered, namely: and have been privately registered by THQ along with another list of domains that imply the same meaning.

It’s actually getting dangerously close to Black Friday, which is the day that follows Thanksgiving in the United States and this year falls on 23 November. According to some investigation by CDR, Steam may be giving Metro 2033 away with a “proof of pre-purchase” which could apply to Metro: Last Light.

So according to all the rumours, Steam may be giving away free copies of Metro 2033 to gamers who pre-order Metro: Last Light on or around this upcoming weekend to celebrate “Black Friday” in the United States.

Metro 2033 was a fantastic game when it was released and was seen as something of a “cult classic”. Many gamers are expecting Metro: Last Light to be just as good, if not better, so if you haven’t played either, this may be a brilliant time to whip out the wallet.

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