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Forced Bundle Purchase with DBC14

Any gamers living in South Africa and looking to get their hands on Don Bradman Cricket 14 (DBC14) will be hard-pressed at finding the game for a reasonable rate.

For those that aren’t aware, we thought the PS3 version of the game was excellent, scoring 85 out of a possible 100. The PC version was launched at the end of June but is required to have a controller in order to play the game due to the complications of the control scheme.

While this is perfectly acceptable practice in order to release a game that requires a console, players who already have a controller that is compatible with PC will be forced to buy the bundle which clocks in at around R700. There is no standalone copy of the game for R300 – R350, if you want to buy the game on PC at retail stores, you need to spend the full R700. Don’t worry though, at least it includes a steelbook case.

Controller included Controller included

It has to be some kind of first in South African gaming where the cheapest price to buy a game, is currently on Steam. The game on the Steam Store comes in at $49.99 (around R540), a full R160 cheaper than anywhere else at the moment. Obviously this doesn’t include a controller though but for anyone who has a PC and/or console combo, you already have a controller and don’t need another one. The controller included in the bundle isn’t an official one from Sony or Microsoft, it appears to be one of those generic ones for PC but we still have no idea what the controller is.

Devon Stanton, Megarom PR and promotions manager has told Telkom Do Gaming that the game will only be sold as a bundle.

“Due to the core mechanics of the game, Don Bradman Cricket 14 will only be sold in the bundle as a controller is required to play the game,” he says.

The reasoning behind releasing the game with a controller is most certainly sound reasoning but without having a standalone version of the game, many gamers who own any sort of gamepad will be forced to give the PC version a skip due to the high price. For those that do decide to purchase the game, Steam is the best price you will find at the moment and the game is around 2GB in size when downloading.