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For the Love of Skins

For a limited time, Riot are offering 50 percent off on Scarlet Hammer Poppy, Charred Maokai and Spellthief Lux. There are however more skins that you may have not seen and reworks to classic skins.

The Chinese New Year is here and Riot Games has decided to celebrate it by bringing out what they call the Lunar Revel skins. These are special skins for Annie, Corki, Cassiopeia, Xin Zhao and Jarvan IV. These skins have really awesome animations as well as look great in game. The Lunar Revel skins are going for 975 Riot Points (RP) each, which is a steal for such remarkable skins. With the skins come new icons called the Year of the Snake icons.

There is one other skin sale I would like to mention and that is Debonair Jayce, a classy skin for all Valentine’s Day lovers. Debonair Jayce is priced at 975 RP and is a hit with the ladies that play League of Legends.

Debonair Jayce

As I said before there are also reworks to some classic skins these include Annie and Sona. While Annie looks a little older than she did previously, Sona looks even more breath-taking in blue. Hopefully all the champions’ classic skins will be reworked to something grander.

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