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One to Rule Them All: Explore Openworld Middle-Earth in Lego LOTR

Warner Bros. has let the cat out of the bag as it's announced new gameplay features you can expect to see in Lego Lord of the Rings (LOTR).

It’s the thirteenth Lego title in the wildly successful series bases on the legendary childhood pastime. The most important new feature will allow you to explore openworld Middle-Earth. But, according to
Eurogamer, Warner Bros hasn’t specified whether this could be the free-roaming feature in the Lego Harry Potter or a proper openworld adventure, as seen in Lego Batman 2.

Lego Lord of The Rings Unlike the weird gibberish used in other Lego titles, Lego LOTR uses dialogue from the films - a first in the Lego series.

Another new feature introduced in Lego LOTR will be crafting. You can visit a blacksmith shop and create things from the magical metal, Mithril.

Some of the classic LOTR enemies include the Uruk-hai, orcs, the Balrog and the Witch-king and the title boasts over 80 characters available to unlock. Lego LOTR is due to be released later this year.