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Epic Mickey Developer Shutting Down?

Disney has confirmed today that it has closed the Austin Texas-based developer Junction Point Studios, creator of the Epic Mickey series.

The rumour began with a Tweet, which has since been removed, from fellow Texas studio, Roberts Space Industries.

The tweet reads, “Second 21 gun salute for a studio in 7 days. Fare-the-well Junction Point! We hope that you all find new studios soon!”

Since then Disney has confirmed that Junction Point Studios will in fact be shutting down, something that was to be expected, considering Epic Mickey 2 struggled financially and recent trends in the industry.

A Disney spokesperson said that Warren Spector, mastermind behind Epic Mickey, and his team were dismissed to “address the fast-evolving gaming platforms and market place”.

“We're extremely grateful to Warren Spector and the Junction Point team for their creative contributions to Disney with Disney Epic Mickey and Disney Epic Mickey 2."

A kick in the teeth considering that according to Joystiq, the sequel [Epic Mickey 2] sold only 270 000 copies in America alone.

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