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Reactions to The Elder Scrolls Online Not So Positive

The response to Bethesda and Zenimax's announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online has largely been negative, if comments at the official Bethesda blog are anything to go by.

The main concern fans appear to have is that single-player Elder Scrolls games, which have without a doubt made the franchise the success that it is, will take a back seat or disappear altogether as Zenimax focuses on the online title, with eyes on the kind of money a successful MMO can produce.

There are also concerns on what a third-person Elder Scrolls title with apparent World of Warcraft combat mechanics will do to the game - and what an MMO will do to the lore of the series.

But Bethesda says that it will always focus on The Elder Scrolls as it is while The Elder Scrolls Online is being developed by Zenimax Online, a separate entity in Zenimax.

"What’s been said in the past is that Bethesda Game Studios doesn’t make MMO games. They’re not developing The Elder Scrolls Online. Currently they’re working on Skyrim updates — including Dawnguard."

Later on, another post echoes the above:

"The teams working on these games are separate. Todd Howard’s team at BGS will keeping doing the type of games they like making, and the ZeniMax Online team will focus on MMO games like this newly-announced title."

But fans still seem sceptical.

"We all know how well these things turn out. Give Richard Gariott a call, he’ll tell you all about it.

"It’s not like Bethesda has any saying in the market decisions. Zenimax has the final word, and that’s how they took your IP and gave it some PvP MMO Veteran Mr. Camelot to mess with as he/they pleased.

"If it works out, they might decide a sixth installment will hurt the MMO, and the series will be put on hold.

"Not to mention Zenimax stealing away people to help further develop the MMO, because we all know where Zenimax is aiming at, and if the cash cow goes moo loud enough on a monthly basis, they’ll keep adding weight to it until it’s dead," says Fabio Bittar.

The Elder Scrolls Online The Elder Scrolls Online

The more cartoon-like look of MMO's in general is also worrying fans.

"Very excited but why oh why do you have to follow that horrid look of Kingdoms," says Tjaart 'LiveR' Fourie at the Do Gaming announcement of the title.