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EA vs. Oddworld Creators

It seems that it’s the cool thing to do these days to take shots at big game companies and this week is no difference as Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants founder casts some stones.

According to a report on GamesIndustry, Lanning said that he was approached by EA to buy his studio during the development of Stranger’s Wrath. EA has refuted this by saying that no such thing ever occurred.

Lanning said that EA had a horrible sustainable model for the acquisition and the team strived to get independent after the talks went bad.

Lorne Lanning Lorne Lanning

“Rather than get into bed with someone we knew was a horrible bed partner we said 'let's stay virgins for longer,” he says.

He also says that EA make a lot of money off triple-A titles and that money is used to buy cars and jets instead of being invested into future projects.

In response, Jeff Brown, an EA corporate spokesman, said that everything Lanning said was simply untrue.

“We wish Lorne luck on the game and recommend Lithium for the paranoia and Tourette Syndrome. Nobody here remembers a jet, a Ferrari or an offer to buy his company," he told GamesIndustry.

Quite an interesting turn of events then as it seems highly unlikely someone would just come out of the gate and start going to war with a big publisher and EA’s response seems a little overly aggressive for having no history with the company.