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Feb DotA Cup Fixtures Released Early

This weekend is Valentine’s Day. Given that this might pose a problem to match schedules on Saturday night, AGASA has released the fixtures for this weekend’s Warcraft III: Defence of the Ancients (DotA) Cup a day early.

The competition was due to start tomorrow, but the fixtures have been posted.

As promised by AGASA, the top teams are now spread out through the seeding system.

Reigning Cup holders, miNt, therefore start off against Cr4p; and Bravado, the beaten finalists, play The DreamerZ; while Pantheon plays DUCoRe and mmK plays PMB.

The seeding for this weekend’s Warcraft III: Defence of the Ancients (DotA) Cup have been released. The seeding will place teams for the double elimination tournament ensuring that the top teams do not meet in the first round.

Ben Greenwood, AGASA tournament director, says MiNt, who beat Bravado in the January Cup, claim first place; while tankh, mmK, Ftc and Pantheon make up the top six seeds.

“However, the seeds do not take into account the teams which will not play in the February cup. Tankh, for example, has not registered to play this weekend. After this tournament they will therefore drop down the rankings for March.

“Similarly, there are a number of teams who registered for the first time, excluding other teams. They will be seeded at the bottom and as teams play more matches, so the ranking system will become more accurate,” he says.

Seed Teams Games Wins Losses Exited
1 miNT 7 6 1 Final 2
2 byd.dota TTfu 6 4 2 Final 2
3 Tankh^ 6 4 2 Semi(2)
4 mmK 5 3 2 Semi(1)
5 Ftc[Dota] 5 3 2 Quarter 2
6 PIdota! 5 3 2 Quarter 2
7 fuQit 4 2 2 Quarter(1)
8 AVG 4 2 2 Quater(1)
9 [DUCoRe].Duc 3 1 2 Round2(2)
10 Fwaming 3 1 2 Round2(2)
11 Crap Team 1 3 1 2 Round2(2)
12 The Dramers 3 1 2 Round2(2)
13 pmb-dota 2 0 2 Round2(1)
14 [BOT]Po10c 2 0 2 Round2(1)
15 Pawn Starz 2 0 2 Round2(1)
16 CC 2 0 2 Round2(1)

A second double-elimination tournament has been added to the Cup for teams who lose in the first and second rounds. For more on that story, click here.

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