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Don Bradman Cricket Launched on Steam

For any true South Africa, cricket is a sport that most of us enjoy. It’s great news now that Don Bradman Cricket 14 has finally arrived on Steam for PC users.

We took a look at Don Bradman Cricket 14 back in April when it was released on console and Telkom Do Gaming scored it an 85 out of 100. With PC’s generally loading faster than consoles (if you have a high-end machine), I’ve been waiting to get my grubby little paws on DBC14 on PC for the last few months. has reported that users with Windows 8 have been having odd crashed to desktop and random bugs since the game’s release though. The community manager at Big Ant has suggested users run Steam in Offline Mode as a temporary solution.

Gamers can check out the game here on the Steam Store and can start killing the kangaroos for $49.99 (around R530). It seems a little pricey right now, but fans of the sport can take my word that it’s worth every cent. Gamers need to also be aware that a controller is required to play the game on PC.