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DirectX 11.1 Not for Windows 7

Microsoft has confirmed that DirectX 11.1 will not be available for Windows 7 and will remain a Windows 8 exclusive.

According to a report on Games.On.Net, a post on the Microsoft Answers Forum shows that an employee who goes by the name of Daniel Moth revealed some information regarding DirectX and its direction.

“DirectX 11.1 is part of Windows 8, just like DirectX 11 was part of Windows 7. DirectX 11 was made available for Vista but at this point there is no plan for DirectX 11.1 to be made available on Windows 7.”

The only difference so far that we have noticed is that DirectX 11.1 is able to bring native stereoscopic 3D support to games without developers having to program 3D with specific graphics cards in mind. This can only really be seen as a marketing plot by Microsoft to get gamers to buy into Windows 8 for the native stereoscopic 3D, right? Maybe Windows 7 doesn’t support it though, who knows? But all we know at the moment is that DirectX 11.1 won’t be available on Windows 7.

DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) which handle tasks relating to game programming and video on Microsoft platforms.