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Diablo 3: No more 'Hardcore' zombies

Players have been exploiting Blizzard to recover their deceased characters in Diablo 3 but with the release of version 1.0.7, hardcore characters will now be excluded from rollbacks.

‘Hardcore mode’ appeals to gamers because it is the ultimate test of skill and adrenalin. The risk of permanent death is thrilling but some just can’t let go of their loved ones. Players have been exploiting Blizzards security system, faking account hacks to have their accounts rolled back and their characters revived.

"In recent months, we've discovered that some players who've lost Hardcore characters through normal gameplay will fake an account compromise and request a rollback through Customer Support in order to get their characters revived," Blizzard says.

"Hardcore characters were never intended to be revived or undeleted by an account rollback. Bringing Hardcore characters back to life via rollback really isn't in the spirit of Hardcore.”

With version 1.0.7, Blizzard will now take a firm stance against such players and reinvigorate the ‘spirit of hardcore’ where death is permanent, regardless of the circumstances.

"Not only is this an abuse of the services we provide to the community, but it also impacts other players who have submitted legitimate inquiries by increasing wait times across the board."

You can read more and check out the rest of the change log here.

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