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Developer Frontier Cuts Staff

Developer Frontier – responsible for Elite: Dangerous – has made numerous staff positions redundant at the Cambridge-based studio.

Eurogamer reports that 14 of the 233 staff at Frontier were let go across several departments, including audio, art and animation.

Frontier’s managing director, David Walsh says the layoffs were the result of “the changing mix of skills requirements for our current and future projects” and Walsh insisted these projects “remain healthy”.

Walsh said, “Frontier regretfully has given a total of 14 people notice that their roles are redundant, across art (9), animation (3) and audio (2) disciplines.”

Elite: Dangerous Elite: Dangerous has almost three weeks left on its Kickstarter deadline and has raised over £719,885 of its £1.25 million deadline.

It’s believed that the 14 staff members were informed they were being let go
last Friday, just eleven days before Christmas. According to Walsh, the timing of the decision was considered.

“Once we took the decision to make the roles redundant, we felt it was better that the affected people knew ASAP so they can plan any further expenditure over the Christmas period accordingly and focus on their search for new roles as soon as possible” said Walsh.

Several sweets voiced the disappointment in response to the layoffs.

“Just in case you’re thinking of backing the Elite Kickstarter, I’m hearing pretty solid rumours of serious layoffs at Frontier.”

“Right before Christmas, and on a Friday too. Classy, guys. Real classy.”

Frontier was founded in 1994 and is known for games like Lost Winds and Kinect Star Wars.