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Destiny Beta Starts This Week

The much awaited Destiny beta is set to start later this week for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners, who gain access to the beta on 17 July as opposed to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 users who will only be able to access it from 23 July.

Some new details have been revealed ahead of the beta’s release, and it seems the game won’t only be restricted to planet earth for the test phase. In fact, in a recent post on Reddit, users have reported that the game will include, “four story chapters, four competitive multiplayer maps, a cooperative Strike, and a huge world to explore with your own unique Guardian".

The Destiny beta is not exactly open, but will be available to all users that pre-order the game. Additionally, players that get a beta key will also get two additional keys, so that they can invite some friends to come and join in on the experience.

Bungie has promised users that have played the alpha already that there will be “new experiences” inside the beta for them to take part in, and may even play into the actual games progression once it has gone into full-release later this year.

Bungie community manager David Dague explained the situation to Eurogamer:

"The beta is a test. It's extremely unknown as to what the outcome will be. So, it's certainly not a promise or an announcement that we're making at this time. It all depends on what we learn and how things shake out. So, we're certainly not telling players they can carry their progress over, but we haven't made any announcements either way."

"We do have new environments. There are new maps. In the Bungie Weekly Update we let slip a couple of glimpses of some of the new environments where people can go and fight in the Crucible in the beta, and it'll send them to destinations they have yet to even touch down on.

When you first play the beta the first thing you need to do obviously is create your character. You'll choose your class, your race, your gender, then customise your appearance, and then send that Guardian out into the wild.

In many ways it is the beginning of your Destiny adventure. It has more of the story to experience. We've got more of the Crucible to experience. And obviously there is the exploration of Old Russia.

So, we're looking forward to the fact that while much is known about Old Russia from people who played on the PlayStation 4 and streamed or shared components of their experience, we're taking everybody in the Bungie community who wants to play this game and we're turning them loose.

So, people on the PlayStation 3, the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 join the fray, and they all get to understand what people have been talking about since we first started to let a small slice of the endgame experience download to their console."

The Destiny beta should give local players a chance to get a feel for the game, as well as the ping issues or the delay that may come from playing on overseas servers, as the netcode for the game has yet to be truly tested on such a large scale.