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Dead Space 3 Demo Out January

The Dead Space 3 downloadable demo will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Network from 22 January.

According to CVG, EA has announced that Xbox 360 owners (those with Origin accounts already set up) will be able to download the demo a week before anyone else.

But that’s not all... as GamingBlend puts it “Dead Space 3 Wants You To Talk Dirty”. Dead Space 3 will make interesting use of the Kinect’s features – by including voice commands, and specifically, swearing commands.

Dead Space 3 So, shouting obscenely at the screen will make this thing go away? Okay.

This unique feature picks up on your natural reaction to an attack or an ambush – you yell out in surprise or fear – so, by swearing or yelling a certain command, you can react quicker in the gameplay. You can even give your partner ammo with a voice command. This feature will be activated on the start practising your voice commands.

Dead Space 3 has a confirmed release date of 5 February in the US and February 8 in Europe.