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DayZ to Release on Steam

The most recent developer report on the DayZ tumblr shows mod and standalone creator, Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall talking about the changes being made in the standalone version and confirms a number of things gamers have been waiting for.

As listed on the developer report, Hall says that the release of the DayZ standalone will be on Steam and will use a number of Steams features that will make life a lot easier.

“Release will be on Steam, using many of Steam's key features such as delta patching, VAC, server browsing technology. Patches to Steam can be deployed by the click of a button in our build pipeline thanks to new technology developed by Steam, that is making our process extremely easy and exciting,” the blog states.

The controls for the game have been completely re-thought out to make players feel more engaged with their environment while the animations have been cleared up to make things feel much more responsive. In addition to that, most of the settings in the game will be forced server-side, so things like gameplay and graphical settings won’t be easily exploited.

The report says that player clothing has been implemented as well which will include the likes of head wear, jackets, trousers and footwear and weapons have now become “entities”. This means that they are more object oriented in structure which will allow customisation and degradation as well.

There are some really exciting things happening in the world of DayZ and the release is still targeted for this year, so let’s all hope that they meet it.