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New Details on Dark Souls 2 Revealed

Fans of the famous action/RPG with indistinct plot, gruesome atmosphere and extremely high difficulty, were disappointed to hear that the mastermind behind it all, Hidetaka Miyazaki, would not be involved in the Dark Souls sequel and the reins would instead be given to Tomohiro Shibuya of the Monster Hunter series.

However in a recent interview with 4Gamer, both Miyazaki and new director Shibuya assured fans that the sequel would stay true to its roots and not fall under the mainstream knife (like so many other successful franchises).

“The idea is to get Dark Souls and what made it great, and give it a major upgrade,” said Shibuya. “Rather than focusing on shading and lighting technologies, I believe that having a more realistic atmosphere while showing better details of the monsters and their expressions would definitely have a bigger impact.”

Dark Souls 2 promises to build on the legacy of the original

Miyazaki wasted little time in defending his successor saying that “As far as developing games, Mr. Shibuya has far more experience than I do,” he told 4Gamer. “He understands exactly what it takes to do a great job and we’re on the same page regarding where we’d like to take the Dark Souls franchise. I fully trust him and his judgment.”

It would seem that Shibuya understands that the sequel’s success relies a great deal on the existing fan base, a healthy change to the flamboyant change in direction we’ve come to expect from modern day sequels.

As of yet, we know Dark Souls 2 will not be open-world although it has been suggested that the overall map size has been greatly increased. Furthermore, the story arc takes place in a different location with different characters but remains within the Dark Souls universe.

Namco Bandai has announced that Dark Souls 2 is coming to the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PC.