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CS:GO Balanced, Silencer Returns

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has been out for a while but many gamers who came from Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source will have noticed a lack of a silencer on the Counter-Terrorist weapon, the M4.

An article on Cadred spoke about how the silencer will be coming back to the game in a future patch. At the ESWC 2012, Valve went around chatting to CS teams about the game and what is on the cards for the future.

One team claimed that Valve had said that the development team felt the Counter-Terrorist (CT) side was really overpowered on most maps so they decided to take the silencer away as it was seen as “yet another advantage” that the CT’s have over the poor Terrorists.

“They know how the community feels about it but they said it was a balancing issue. Even then they reassured us that it would be back, just as soon as they could figure out how to fit it in without it unbalancing the game further.”

CS:GO is currently on sale in the Steam Autumn Sale for just $11.24 (around R100). The registrations for the 2013 CS:GO DGL are open and gamers can sign up for them here. The Ready.Set.GO! Cup is also scheduled to finish this weekend as c7e meets Bravado Gaming in the finals.