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COD Online in China

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is still a very popular game, as is seen by the CoD4 DGL entries, as well as the popular single player scores the game received when it was released.

Activision has now launched an alpha version of Call of Duty Online in China which is basically a free version of Modern Warfare, something which might go down quite well in South Africa. Currently, China suffers from a console ban and Activision seems to have circumvented that by partnering up with Chinese giant, Tencent, to launch a free-to-play model of Call of Duty.

According to Kotaku, China is pretty much ruled by free-to-play titles and shooters are no different.

Interestingly enough, in the Western market and particularly the South African market, gamers tend to be okay with paying for every Call of Duty that comes out. Hopefully with the likes of free-to-play games that are planned to surface this year, Activision will think about moving the free-to-play Modern Warfare idea towards other markets. But as long as it's making money with the current strategy, it seems like a poor idea from its perspective.