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Cod:Ghosts to come to Wii-U

The next instalment in the ever popular Call of Duty (CoD) franchise, CoD:Ghosts, looks to expand the franchise into the era of next – generation consoles, and has included Wii-U in that list as of yesterday evening.

Activision and Infinity Ward announced yesterday on their respective Twitter pages that CoD:Ghosts will be releasing to Wii-U, a next – gen console that has seemingly been completely overlooked by most parts of the gaming community.

The announcement was made with a picture of the game box on their Twitter pages. Here it is:

Having played an FPS on the original Wii console, having a CoD experience with the Wii-U might be a whole lot of fun, especially if you can get cool attachments for your controllers.

As for the game itself, still not much is known, but there have been various trailers released that include some of the single player scenarios. If you still haven’t seen the “No Mans Land” and “Into the Deep” gameplay trailers, just click on the link below: