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Bungie to reveal 'Destiny' Soon

Bungie, Inc. (Halo: Combat Evolved) has suggested that it is working on an alternate-reality game with further details on project ‘Destiny’ expected to be revealed this Monday.

Bungie has designed a clever site in which fans are able to tackle daily puzzles to presumably uncover some secrets about the game one day at a time. The first one is simple enough, click on the solitary diamonds which cause them to split, revealing a second set of images and this is where it lost me.

I personally can’t be bothered but for those of you who are interested in ‘testing your mettle’, you can follow the countdown and try it out for yourself here.

So far, all that has been confirmed is that Bungie will be talking about their new IP at the Games Developers Conference (GDC) next month but their Facebook would suggest that more is coming sooner rather than later.

Destiny is rumoured to be released exclusively on the Xbox 360 later this year.