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Blizzard Lawsuit Over Authenticators

Blizzard seems to be a new target of the consumers as people are looking at suing the company with a class-action lawsuit over the ‘forced use’ of its Battle.Net authenticators.

According to the Courthouse News in Los Angeles, the claims are based on Blizzard using ‘deceptive and unfair’ means to charge customers for an after-sale security product to protect private information from hackers.

The plaintiffs of the lawsuit claim that Blizzard ‘negligently, deliberately, and/or recklessly’ failed to ensure the adequate protection of private information of users. In doing so, they then forced customers to purchase authenticators which resulted in a huge amount of revenue for the company – somewhere around $26 million.

VG247 is reporting that Blizzard seems to think the lawsuit is frivolous and has no merit whatsoever. The argument that Blizzard will be using is that all players are responsible for their own security on their computers and the authenticator is simply an extra step to deter hackers. The authenticator is an option to add to an account and not a necessity.