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Black Ops 2: Insert Mass Effect 2 to Continue

According to a report on DSO Gaming, some Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gamers on PC are encountering a very strange error when installing the game. As the game asks for the second disc to be inserted into the drive while installing, it autoruns with a Mass Effect 2 autoplay.

Gamers who encounter the error cannot install Black Ops 2 at all and are instead presented with what looks to be the second disc of the Mass Effect 2 installation. So far, it seems it may only be users in North America experiencing the problem so if anyone has encountered it so far, please let us know.

Currently the only work-around that exists is gamers taking their CD key from the actual box and inserting it into Steam and then downloading the game through the Internet.

Let’s hope Activision fixes this funny issue as soon as possible.

The video below shows exactly what happens but contains some bad language and should only be viewed by gamers older than 18.

Thanks to ‘fluKe’ for the heads-up.

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