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Black Mesa Source Released

Black Mesa: Source has been released for gamers as of last week and players can finally experience the re-imagining of one of the greatest games ever.

At its core, Black Mesa: Source is a re-envisions of Half-Life from 1998, a game that scored 96 on MetaCritic and is listed in the top five of highest rated PC games ever created.

Gamers can finally experience Gordon Freeman’s memorable journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility with new, detailed environments and new music, voice acting and added dialogue to improve on the once already fantastic Half-Life experience.

The download sits at around 3.8 GB and is completely free to play. Black Mesa: Source goes up until the Lambda Core chapter but provides between eight and ten hours of gameplay according to the official website. The only thing gamers need to play the game is the Source SDK Base 2007 which is installed separately, but also free. Gamers who have things like Team Fortress 2 or Counter-Strike: Source installed on Steam will already have the Source SDK, so there is no need to download anything more.

For gamers who would like to get the game on local bandwidth, Do Gaming will host the file locally shortly.

Half-Life is definitely an amazing game and any gamers who have been put off by the low-quality graphics compared to today’s standards should definitely give Black Mesa: Source a try.