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BioWare Offers Free Mass Effect

Yesterday we had a look at the embarrassing error (that we're assuming was the disc manufacturer's fault) in which Black Ops 2 fans were hit with a Mass Effect 2 disc.

The report shows that when prompted to insert the second Black Ops 2 disc, gamers were given a Mass Effect 2 disc and couldn’t install the game.

Taking advantage and making this into great PR for itself, BioWare has decided to give away free copies of the Mass Effect trilogy to the first fifty fans affected by the problem. According to the blog, BioWare thinks that “if the universe thinks that you should be playing Mass Effect right now, who are we to argue?”. So if you send in a picture holding your special disc two, BioWare will give you a free PC copy of the Mass Effect trilogy.

EA (publishers of Mass Effect) and Activision (publishers of Black Ops 2) aren’t exactly friends but hey, it’s nice to see some form of apology coming from somewhere!

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