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Beyond Release Date Listed as Error

Beyond: Two Souls, a game that many are looking forward to, may have a possible release date.

The wily folks over at IGN spotted Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain successor on the US PlayStation blog with a release date, which shouldn’t really be public knowledge. It listed the release date as 25 May 2013 back then, but has since been changed to just “2013”.

In reply, Sony has told IGN that the release date that was listed on the website was incorrect and was posted on the PlayStation website in error.

"We have not announced a release date for Beyond: Two Souls outside of the 2013 time frame," Sony told IGN. "In fact, David Cage recently shared that the title is preparing for the alpha version so the date reported on the product site is incorrect and has since been updated."

As someone who submits content on a website on a daily basis, I can definitely feel bad for the guy that put up the information and the people at PlayStation. But you know, more often than not, these mistakes crop up and they turn out to be completely accurate. Maybe Sony doesn’t want people to know the release date yet or maybe it actually was a complete mistake, but don’t forget to keep an eye out on 25 May.