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Battlefield 3 Patch Helps PS3 Owners

The upcoming Battlefield 3 patch will go live on consoles 27 November with the PC patch following “no later than December 4” and has a number of changes and fixes – more positive for PS3 owners.

To address some of the PlayStation 3 issues that have been surfacing for the game, DICE will be addressing both “input lag” and improving audio stability on the console. According to Battlelog, both fixes will make the game a much more playable game on PlayStation 3.

Onto the PC fixes: there seem to be a load of weapons balancing fixes going on this time round. As always, DICE bases its analysis on community feedback and data received, and this allows them to tweak recoil and accuracy to give each weapon a unique feel and obviously to balance them too.

M416: First shot and horizontal recoil slightly increased. This should make the choice between M16 and M416 more interesting again.
L85A2: Slightly reduced horizontal recoil.
AUG: first shot recoil slightly to increase weapon controllability.
FAMAS: Slightly reduced horizontal recoil.
G53: Vertical recoil reduced to make this weapon more controllable.
QBZ-95B: Slightly reduced horizontal recoil.
LSAT: Hip accuracy has been increased to highlight the weapon’s role as a highly mobile LMG.
Type88 LMG: Recoil has been decreased to make it a viable option when compared to the M249.
M5K: Increased horizontal recoil and decreased vertical recoil to focus this weapon as a high damage, low control PDW.
UMP45: Decreased fully automatic fire to differentiate this weapon from the PP2000.
MP412: Increased its accuracy to better distinguish it from the .44 Magnum.
M26: Increased aimed accuracy to be in line with the other shotguns.

There are a couple of other game fixes that generally deal with spawn areas and spawn types that are all included in the Battlelog. To check all of them out, head over to the official Battlelog.

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