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Avellone Keen on Planescape Kickstarter

Chris Avellone, a designer at Obsidian Games, seems to be quite keen to reboot the Planescape series and figures it could be something of a success on Kickstarter.

Speaking to, Avellone thinks there would be challenges involved and may want to change things up slightly.

“I don't know if I'd want to do it as a Planescape game - I think a better approach would be to ignore the D&D mechanics and respect what Planescape was trying to do and what the game did and see if you can do what Fallout did when it became the spiritual successor to Wasteland,” he said.

Planescape: Torment was originally released back in 1999 by Interplay and took place in Planescape which was based off an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy campaign setting. The actual engine used in the game was modified a bit and became the Baldur’s Gate engine as well but despite that, the game still wasn’t as massive a success as the latter.

Avellone went on to talk about some of the challenges the team was presented with when doing Planescape: Torment:

“I think if you made a game using some of the concepts of Planescape, the metaphysical ideas and the plane travel, without using the D&D mechanics, you could actually come up with a much better game. With Torment, I'd argue that the D&D base actually, in places, got in the way of the experience. It was a lot harder to make a game with those ideas in it with D&D mechanics. So much that we had to break a lot of them. We had to ignore certain spells, change up the class mechanic so that you can switch at any time you like by remembering abilities,” he said.

Check out the full interview between and Chris Avellone.