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Authenticators for Diablo 3

Blizzard has stated that account security is a top priority with the launch of its Real-Money Auction House (RMAH) and players will be required to have an Authenticator for future use.

According to the website, the new Terms of Use update shows community manage “Kaivax” saying that players who want to add money to their Balance (for use in the auction) will need to have either a Authenticator or a mobile authenticator attached to the account. This also applies to sending proceeds of the RMAH sales to your Balance.

Given the recent hacking issues, it’s no surprise that Blizzard has taken this step to add extra security.

Gamers who are lucky enough to have smart phones on either Android or iOS will be able to grab the free Mobile Authenticator but those who don’t will need to shell out just under R100 in order to make real money purchases or sales on the RMAH.

Even after the most recent Terms of Service update, Blizzard hasn’t yet given any information on when the RMAH will be launched after the previous delay a couple of weeks after launch of the game.

A Authenticator is a small device that enables security on your Account by providing a six digit code whenever you login to your account. It does create an additional step whenever you are looking to play but does add a huge amount of security.

The only problem I have had is that I’m nervous it dies one day when I want to play but the lifetime expectancy is around seven years.

Gamers on Android can go here to get the Mobile Authenticator.

Gamers on iOS can go here to get the Mobile Authenticator.

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