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Andrew Wilson New CEO of EA

After John Riccitiello stepped down from the job in March, EA has been deciding how best to move forward and it seems they have found their answer. Australian Andrew Wilson, former head of the EA Sports label, has been given the opportunity to show his worth as the next CEO of EA.

Andrew Wilson

Wilson made a statement yesterday, 17 September, about his plans and how he is going to go about making EA “the World’s Greatest Games Company”. He will be focusing on three key things in order to make this happen:

  • Continued transformation for their digital future;
  • Delivering amazing games and services across platforms; and
  • Instilling a culture of execution that will drive profitable growth.

Wilson has been working for EA since 2000 and it really shows that hard work and determination can get you anywhere you want to go. Wilson might be more well-known through his appearance at the Xbox One reveal, where he said “sports” a lot and in jest, this YouTube video was made.

It is always great to see new people having great ideas for the gaming world and it seems like Wilson has a great plan for the future of EA, we wish him well on his journey and hope that it will take gaming to new heights as well.