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Traffic Splitter Lowers Bandwidth Cost


How to use Traffic Splitter with Windows 7

Enabling multiple dial-up connections

Double-click on WanEndPoints.reg which can be found inside the installation pack. When the prompter asks to change the registry, click yes. Please remember editing the Windows registry can be dangerous and is done at the reader’s own risk.
Note: Windows has to be restarted for the change to take effect.

Create the ADSL Accounts

Click on your Start Menu and navigate to your Control panel.

Click on View Network Status and Tasks.

Now Click on Setup a new Connection or Network.

Select Broadband on PPPoE and click Next.

You will now see boxes within which you can type in your ADSL Account details. Type in your Username and Password. It will be helpful if you tick the ‘save password’ option and if you name your account appropriately, something like ‘local_con’ etc.
Note: Traffic Splitter can only dial the connection if the password is saved.

Now complete the previous steps again, except make sure that you put in the account details of your other account. So, for example, the second account you create will have different login details and will be called something like ‘int_con’.

When both your accounts are now set up, you should try connecting them both at once. If they will not connect simultaneously, it means that you have not edited the registry properly (above) and you need to repeat that step.

If the two accounts are now connected, there is one more adjustment you need to make before you can start using Traffic Splitter.

In your Task Bar on the bottom right you will see the symbol of a computer which signifies your network connections.

Highlight both of these connections (not at the same time) and click on the ‘Properties’ Button. Another box will pop up and you should now click on the ‘Advanced’ button. The final box will now pop up. Make sure that for these two connections the TCP/IPv6 protocol is unticked (disabled). Now click OK and make sure the settings are saved.

Install Traffic Splitter

To install Traffic Splitter readers should extract the contents of theTrafficSplitterBeta6.6.rar file inside the Installation Pack. (The WanEndPoints.reg could also be used for WinXP)

Once this is done, double-click on Setup.exe and let Traffic Splitter install. After this is complete, double-click on TrafficSplitterBeta.exe and begin to use the program.

Select your International and Local connections from the drop-down bars and then click “Set up Routes” at the top.

Your Traffic Splitter is now ready to use! If you scroll to the right you can see it has some new features, such as giving bandwidth usage statistics per account and allowing the user to find their IP.

Applicable to Windows XP / Vista users:

Users have to have the .Net Framework 3.0 (or newer) and Windows Installer 3.1 (or newer) installed to be able to run Traffic Splitter.

The .Net Framework 3.0 is a 200MB+ file, that could be downloaded from the Microsoft site, which is locally mirrored by Akamai. If they have a local only account, they could simply dial that and then download that big file on local only cap.

If the programs above aren’t installed, the installer will automatically try to download it from the Internet using international bandwidth.

Getting games working with Traffic Splitter

Gamers will simply need to add the IP addresses of the authentication servers to the local routes of Traffic Splitter or your local IP address won't get authenticated for playing on local servers.

To do this, click on the ‘Options’ tab and under the ‘Edit routes with Wordpad’ section, click on ‘Local’.

A wordpad file will open up at this point, in which you will see a list of IPs. At this point you need to paste in the relevant IPs into this list.

For Call of Duty 4 (CoD4), these are:,,,,,,,,,,


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