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Traffic Splitter Lowers Bandwidth Cost


Traffic Splitter is an application developed by a local developer which allows gamers to use a local only and blended ADSL account simultaneously in order to lower their bandwidth costs.

As the name of the application implies, websites or servers which are hosted locally are accessed through the local account (which uses local bandwidth which is much cheaper). International bandwidth is therefore reserved for sites or servers which are overseas.

The application is similar to Route Sentry, an application that allows gamers to use local and international bandwidth simultaneously, depending on what game server or website they are connecting to.

Chris Kistner, a 23-year old student from the University of Stellenbosch, developed Traffic Splitter. Traffic Splitter offers all of the advantages of Route Sentry without the disadvantages (Route Sentry is unstable on Windows 7 and Vista) and adds many useful new features.

Kistner says that he knew about the Route Sentry application but became frustrated when the developers stopped giving support and updating their application.

According to him, Route Sentry had way too many issues to be addressed and so he built his own application from the ground up.

The typical uses for Traffic Splitter are to:

  • Split international and local traffic across two accounts.
  • Split Internet traffic across shaped and unshaped accounts (Games like World of Warcraft which connect to international dedicated servers run better on unshaped accounts).

Traffic Splitter is a freely distributed application which anyone can use, making it an an invaluable tool to local gamers struggling with high bandwidth costs.

Kistner also plans to release an update in the near future which will incorporate:

  • A proper installer
  • A scheduler (for automatic updates)
  • A configuration wizard
  • Proper documentation

Do Gaming will upload the latest version of Traffic Splitter when it is released.

Download the Traffic Splitter installation pack here at Do Gaming.

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