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Telkom Launches 10Mbps Lines

Telkom Announces 10Mbps lines. Telkom Announces 10Mbps lines.

In response to some queries from gamers, Telkom has confirmed the much anticipated roll out of 10Mbps lines.

The company says the rollout will begin to current 4Mbps line customers in areas where the infrastructure has been upgraded.

“We have a limited footprint and availability will increase as we expand our Metro Ethernet (ME) and ADSL2+ presence in the network. TelkomInternet will be increasing the speed of its Fastest DSL offering (previously up to 4096kbps) to Fastest DSL up to 10 Mbps, effective 15 August 2010,” the company said in a statement.

Telkom will launch an availability checker website for customers on Sunday to ascertain whether they qualify for the upgrade. This can be found here. Alternatively, customers can call the call centre on 10215.

It will be interesting to see the impact 10Mbps lines have on gaming in South Africa. A game like All Points Bulletin, which is totally dependent on the Internet, did not come to South Africa because concerns were apparently raised about the country’s Internet infrastructure. Australia did not receive the game either.

It also remains to be seen whether the lines will improve ping times in competitive games as well as MMOs.

For more information on Telkom upgrading its broadband packages, click here.

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