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DGL 2011 Registrations Almost Closed

Registrations for the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2011 are closing on 4 February - next week Friday - and gamers should register as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Register at our Do Gaming League website or follow these links:

Register for Call of Duty 4 here
Register for CS 1.6 here
Register for FIFA 11 (PS3) here
Register for FIFA 11 (Xbox 360) here
Register for Starcraft 2 here

The first leg kicks off on 8 February.

So far, registrations are looking good, with Starcraft 2 most especially skyrocketing while the FIFA 11 PS3 league is also seeing quite a number of players. Counter-Strike (CS) players are reminded that the league has changed from CS Source to CS 1.6.

Get registering! It's going to be a great year of competitive and social gaming!

New to the League or not sure about entering?

To begin, follow this guide which outlines how to enter the Do Gaming league.

Basically, the process entails first registering an account. From there, gamers playing in clans or gamers playing as individuals / single players (for the FIFA leagues) go through two separate processes.

For single players – Once registered and your email address is verified, simply go to the FIFA registration page (here for PS3 or here for Xbox 360) and click on 'join/enter'. Simple. Registration for that game is complete.

For clan / team players – Once registered as a gamer the clan must now be registered. If it is already registered then members need only join.

When registering the clan, follow the instructions on the clan page. Input the clan name (the full name), prefix (clan tag) and unique URL tag (usually just an abbreviation of the clan name). Then click on 'Register Clan.' See here (Step 2) for more detailed instructions.

All members must then get a password so that they can join the clan. Joining a clan is simple – just go to the clan page and click 'join'. More details here under Step 3.

Once members are all signed up and teams are created, just go to the links above for Call of Duty 4 or CS:Source and click 'join / enter' to register for that game.

Need a team?

Gamers who are looking for a team to join can usually find teams looking for players at the Do Gaming League forums. The League discussions or the Competitive Gaming discussions are usually the best places to look at. If there's nothing there then create a post so that gamers can get back to you.

Alternatively, a lot of gamers spend time at the SAIX (SGS) forums. This will require a separate registration. The Call of Duty 4 forums or Counter-Strike: Source forums would be the best places to look at.

Lastly, gamers also spend a lot of time on IRC. IRC may be daunting to look at at first, but it's not as bad as it looks. Read this guide for more on IRC. This story is also helpful in getting to know Do Gaming's online IRC application.

More help needed?

Check out our FAQ for details on how the league runs. Also check out our very useful FAQ for competitive gaming which is helpful for newcomers.

A few rules for old and newcomers

All teams and gamers registering must make sure they understand the rules.

All teams and gamers that have played in any of the previous Do Gaming leagues must re-register for the new league. Teams do not get automatically transferred.

Teams must make sure that they register their whole team for this leg, including reserves, as players cannot be changed half-way through a leg. Teams will keep their seeding from the last leg of the League if the team still has more than half of the same members.

It's going to a be another exciting year of competitive gaming!

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