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Telkom Do Broadband’s Unbeatable Offer

Telkom Do Broadband offers the most cost effective broadband package in South Africa. While Do Broadband packages may be a little hard to understand, Do Gaming unpacks the value for broadband Internet users in this detailed explanation.

In order for the Internet to function, the following things are needed:

  • A digital subscriber line (DSL) line rental
  • An Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • A modem

On top of that, consumers pay for telephone line rental to be able to make calls.

Do Broadband’s Level 3 package is most suited to gamers. This package costs R554 per month and includes DSL line rental as well as a 5GB international data cap with 30GB local bandwidth included for free.

International bandwidth is used to access websites overseas or websites with a .com address which is hosted overseas. Local bandwidth is used to access sites hosted in South Africa. Gaming servers in South Africa are also mostly accessed with local bandwidth.

If we unpack the offering further, the Do Broadband Level 3 package gives gamers a 4MB DSL line rental for approximately R340 (a discount of around R70) and 5GB of bandwidth for around R200 (or around R40 per GB).

While gamers need to pay approximately R115 for the phone line rental, the modem is thrown in free of charge when signing a 24 month contract. If a contract is not taken out, the package can be taken on a month-to-month basis. Prices include VAT.

If gamers were to just rent the line and buy the bandwidth from an ISP, getting the 4MB DSL line rental on its own will cost gamers around R410. To purchase 5GB of international bandwidth will cost around cost around R300 or more.

Telkom Do Broadband therefore offers a saving of around R100 (R20 per GB compared to an average price from other ISPs) on bandwidth costs and R70 saving in the DSL line rental.

On top of this, there is 30GB of local SAIX cap included for free in the Do Broadand level 3 options once gamers have reached the cap their 5GB cap. Thirty GB of local SAIX bandwidth can cost between R300 and R600 a month depending on the ISP being used.

Therefore if gamers use all their international and local bandwidth every month, it’s a minimum saving of R470 a month (including the saving on the DSL line rental.)

The Do Broadband level 2 and level 1 package has similar savings, going for R258 and R199 respectively with 20GB and 10GB of local bandwidth thrown in for free. However, these are on 384kbps lines, which are generally not suitable for gaming.