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SteelSeries Trade-In Program

SteelSeries and Megarom have teamed up to launch an interesting promotion for the month of July where gamers will get to “trade-in” their products for big discount on newer peripherals.

Taking place from 1 July to 31 July this year, gamers will be able to bring in their old SteelSeries products for trade-in, where they will be assessed. Based on the condition, gamers can receive between 10 and 30 percent discount on new SteelSeries products from selected partners.

Items that are not working or damaged will still receive a discount and will ultimately be recycled while gear that is still working will be donated to charities in need of equipment around South Africa. So whether or not your gear is working or not, it all goes towards a good cause.

Alan Spohr, Megarom accessory account manager said that everyone comes out a winner in this campaign.

“It’s not every day that a gamer has the opportunity to give back, and it’s exciting to see a top brand like SteelSeries looking at new ways to get involved with the community. Not only is SteelSeries contributing to charity, but the gamers themselves, each one of us have an opportunity to make a difference to someone in need,” he says.

For more information, check out the SteelSeries Step Up page.

The following retailers have partnered up with Megarom and SteelSeries for this promotion:

BT Games -
Look & Listen -
Evetech -
Titan Ice -
PC Worx -
IT Square -
NB Enterprise CC -