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Single Player Votes are In!

The Do Gaming League Facebook page recently asked gamers to vote for their top single player games of all time and the votes are in.

On the Facebook page, we asked gamers, “What are the top 3 single player games of all time?” and a lot of feedback was received. Many gamers voted for a series of games while some were quite specific, pointing to one particular game in a franchise. After many minutes of hard work, we can now present the results.

Gordan Freeman - Ultimate Bad-ass Gordan Freeman - Ultimate Bad-ass

Half – Life Series (12 percent of the votes)
Mass Effect Series (9 percent of the votes)
Crysis Series (8 percent of the votes)

Most of the votes listed above were votes for the actual series and not just for the individual game. Games with two votes or less were not counted into the final equation. Interestingly, the top individual games as voted for by the users were as follows:

BioShock Infinite (5 percent of the votes)
Far Cry 3 (5 percent of the votes)
Mass Effect 3 (4 percent of the votes)

These are very interesting results indeed as the top game series voted for by you, hasn’t seen any action since 2007. It seems that South African gamers are on track though because Half-Life 2 is the highest rated PC game of all time on MetaCritic, scoring an average of 96 with Half-Life right next to it on the same percent.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about the questions the Facebook page posed was that South African gamers believe that Pokemon is just as popular as Tomb Raider, God of War 3 and the Final Fantasy series. We also believe it’s more popular than the likes of Baldur’s Gate, the Metal Gear Solid franchise and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, so well done.

Head on over to the Do Gaming League Facebook page to catch the next question to gamers, “What would be your top 3 multiplayer games?”