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No Xbox One to Enter South Africa at Launch

If there was ever a reason that you were torn between the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft has now given a reason to South African gamers to choose a PlayStation 4.

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will only be available in the 21 regions at launch and it seems as though South Africa is not part of that.

According to an announcement on the Xbox website, the Xbox One will only be available at launch in 21 countries. Of those 21 countries, South Africa is not one of them. Interestingly, Brazil is considered to be of a similar infrastructure with similar market appeal and they have made the cut, so it’s unclear why Microsoft is showing South Africa no love.

Upon probing further at NeoGaf, it seems that it’s not only support Microsoft will not be giving to us, but it’s the entire console. According to a Tweet from the Xbox Support Twitter, the Xbox One will only be available in the 21 launch countries.

Another user Tweeted something similar where Xbox Support replied that “unsupported countries would not have the full experience, and may not work”. That’s if you can get your hands on an Xbox One in the first place.

Telkom Do Gaming has reached out to Microsoft South Africa to confirm the validity of the above statements and will update the article with confirmation soon.