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Do Gaming Arma 3 Alpha Lite Giveaway

Bohemia Interactive has been kind enough to give Telkom Do Gaming a huge amount of keys for the Arma 3 Alpha Lite edition that gamers can claim through Steam.

Basically, all you need to do, is head over to the competition page found here and sign up. Your beta key will then be emailed to you. We have many to give away but unfortunately will only allow one key per person.

The Arma 3 Alpha lite version is similar to the regular Arma 3 Alpha in terms of content but doesn’t include modding and multiplayer. This will give gamers a chance to experience what Arma 3 is all about ahead of the launch of the game. Hopefully, players who get to experience it can become part of the masses to join people in the Arma 3 Alpha.

The Arma 3 Alpha is currently available on Steam for $32.99 (around R315) and buying it will give you access to the Alpha, the Beta and the final release of the game when it comes out later in the year.