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Local CoD4 Team to Compete in Europe

A local Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) team will be participating in the Antwerp eSports Festival in Belgium from 30 July – 1 August 2010.

The team is a mixed team and will be captained by Trevor “qu1k_sh0t” Henry and will play under the name Team Qoob (pronounced Cube).

“A couple of us are on holiday and managed to secure sponsorship which allows us to put a team together and compete in one of the European tournaments while we are overseas. So we pulled together a mixed team and will be giving it our best shot,” Henry says.

Henry is no stranger to CoD4 and led his BFB laRd team to the finals of the CoD 4 Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships at rAGe last year, where they narrowly lost 11 – 13 to Brazen (now Bravado) in the final.

The team which has been drawn together features some top players from the local CoD4 scene as well. Here is the full team along with the teams they play, or played for in CoD4, and their positions:

  • Trevor “qu1k_sh0t” Henry (Captain, BFB laRd, SMG)
  • Greg 'Rora' van der Spuy (Pantheon Gaming, SMG)
  • Wesley 'w1ckeD' Hatfield (Synergy Gaming eVoke, AK)
  • Alan 'Unleashed' Hatfield (Element, AK)
  • Andrew 'xiR' Harper (BFB laRD, Sniper).

Getting ready and goals

Henry is well aware that the team has not played together, but the team’s aim is to work closely with the community’s top teams to be prepared as best as possible for the tournament.

“We’d like to really use the opportunity to get a sense of how the local CoD4 community matches up against the European scene. To do that we need to be as prepared as possible, so we’re hoping for lots of opportunities to practise against premier teams in the COD4 Telkom Do Gaming Online League, as well as get all the advice we can get.

“Furthermore, we want to give back into the community, so I hope to blog from the event. The team wants to share its experiences afterwards,” he says.

Do Gaming will look to establish a link with the team while they are overseas, publish the blogs as well as load some pictures up for local gamers to get sense of what it is like. A TeamSpeak 3 (TS3) chat session during the tournament on the evening of the 30th is also being investigated so Team Qoob can chat to the local community about what the event is like.

Antwerp eSports Festival

The Antwerp eSports Festival will have Counter-Strike Source (CS:S), CoD4 and Quake Enemy Territory competitions with a total prize purse of €27,500 (around R272 500).

The CoD4 prize money is layered between €4.000 (around R40 000) for 16 teams to €10.000 (around R99 000) for 48 teams.

The tournament is expected to draw top European teams like Team Dignitas, Reason Gaming and Fnatic. Previously the competition included a group stages tournament followed by a 16 team double elimination knock out. The rules have yet to be announced, but there is talk of the inclusion of the mp_dahman custom map.

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