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CoD4 Premier Week 5 Results

The fifth week of play in the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Do Gaming League (DGL) 2011 has passed with now only one week left and pick and play matches before the end of the leg and the DGL 2011 Championships at rAge. Here are the results for this week in detail.

As has been discussed in detail in a previous article, Bravado beat Ventus this week in a 2 – 1 situation, breaking Ventus' long-running winning streak and causing Ventus and Lard to be equal at the top of the log due to map difference. Bravado is coming in second.

But that wasn't the only intense match of the week. Mint Gaming and Power Gaming went head to head as well in a match that ended in a draw. Mint took Crash as the first map, 13 – 10, and then Power took the second map, Crossfire at 13 – 11. Both of these maps could have gone either way. With both teams playing top-notch CoD4, the last map, Backlot, ended in a draw which was the outcome of the entire match.

BFB Lard and [1st] Alpha saw Lard take the win on Strike and then Crash, 13 – 6 and 13 – 9 respectively.

RgM|Militia managed to keep their strong run in the league by beating [DI].Chaos, 2 – 1. RgM took the first map, Strike, 13 – 7 but then DI lashed back with a 13 – 9 win on Crossfire. RgM came back strongly for the third map, Backlot, however and took the map 13 – 1.

RgM's captain, Ryan 'SpIkkkE' Kok, says DI played really well and shut down his team when they were off-guard on attack with Strike.

"When it came to defense we had a lot more discipline. On Crossfire they got the better of us and we reacted too late. When things got to 12 – 4 to DI we started pulling ourselves together again, which we needed for the next map.

"Backlot was really exciting for us. We just got everything right and it paid off. The teamwork from Crossfire carried over and we were able to take advantage of this and put it to work," he says.

Kok says that credit goes to Niall 'Nialling' Keegan Ingram on Backlot as he top scored with 25 – 6 in 14 rounds.

Jethro ' JP <3' Pennyuu from DI Chaos adds his comments on the match:

"Strike we played well and it was back and forth between both of us. One round we would take it comfortably then RGM would counter it the next and then we would adjust and take the next etc. Our attack let us down though and we struggled to get the rounds back after they took a lead.

"Crossfire we sorted it out and were really disciplined, our set 'nades were good and Alteris and Deathrow controlled A house very well on defense. Attack we continued to push hard and again Alteris controlled the lights area and Bicycle which helped us secure the B site and get the bomb down and take the win.

"But on Backlot everything went downhill for us. Nialling just destroyed us and we could do nothing to stop it. Our 'nades were off target and our control of A on defense was non-existant. We did not adapt to their play and it came at a very high price with RGM destroying us. Not to take anything away from them because they really played well on Backlot," he says.

Results for the other divisions in CoD4 will follow shortly.

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