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BFB LaRd Crowned Leg 3 CoD4 Kings

The results are in for what has been a fantastic third leg in the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Do Gaming League (DGL) 2011, with BFB laRd crowned the kings of the Premier League while Bravado came second and Ventus third. This is the first time BFB has enjoyed this position in about two years.

RgM have also now joined BFB and come just in the nick of time for a sponsorship. More on that below.

Ventus were poised for victory this leg after enjoying a clear run of wins up until their week 5 game against Bravado, which threw the whole leg into a spin. But the real bombshell came in week 6 as Power Gaming took a close victory from Ventus, sealing a fifth placing for themselves and a third place for Ventus.

That game saw Power take the first map (Backlot) at 13 – 10. From there things became quite tense as the teams drew on Strike. But CityStreets saw Power seal the deal with a 13 – 11 win.

BFB's victory is thanks to being just one map ahead of Bravado, although if it had come down to round difference BFB probably would have taken it as well. Rynier "Cranky" Schoeman, BFB captain, is delighted with the victory but is experiencing some nerves around the DGL 2011 Championships at rAge as Greg 'Rora' van der Spuy will not be able to make the competition.

They do have choices for reserves, though, which come in the form of Greg 'Bambi's Revenge' Ireland or Dane 'Jax' Hamilton.

"Van der Spuy not being at the Champs is going to make things tough for us. Losing him will have a massive effect on a number of levels. He also helped to call in our games so we're going to have to restructure. On top of that, it's going to be difficult for both Ireland or Hamilton who will need to quickly adjust to how we've been playing," Schoeman says.

Let's take a look at the BFB team for the Championships. Ian 'iTR' Robertson will be playing, a gamer who, if he is on fire is really on fire. If Hamilton steps in for van der Spuy and those two are having a good day they are practically unstoppable.

"I think that those two are the biggest reason we got into the DGL finals last year, they just have such a brilliant partnership," Schoeman says.

The rest of the main team - Andrew 'd3tox' Deacon, Chris 'Evax' Noble and Schoeman know how to handle clutch rounds well. This will be one of BFB's strengths for the DGL Championships as no one player needs to be taken down to throw the team off. We'll no doubt see some top class CoD4 from Lard at the Championships this year.

BFB's third leg win places the team in what will probably be the easier group during the early stages of the Championships. This is part of the reason why Schoeman wanted this win, he says. Ventus and Bravado will probably have to deal with each other first (in the same group) and the winner between those two will end up facing BFB. It's going to be a cracker!

RgM Joins while BFB Gets Esquire Gaming as Sponsor

RegiMent Gaming (RgM) have done very well for themselves and came sixth this leg, with DI Chaos and [1st] Alpha being relegated to the First Division. RgM's strong performance and attitude seems to have impressed BFB and so the team will now form BFB's second CoD4 division. Once again BFB will have two teams in the Premier League.

Talks between RgM and BFB have been going on for some time and RgM join just in time as BFB has acquired Esquire Gaming as a sponsor, something they are quite excited about.

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