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BC2 First and Second Division Catch-Up

Last week saw the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (BC2) Telkom Do Gaming Online League move into the fifth week of play.

Do Gaming has been keeping up to date with the Premier BC2 League but many community members have wanted news on the lower divisions as well. So, let's get down to business:

First Division

In the fourth week NSD held their undefeated top spot, having beaten the likes of BBH, GRRR, DAC and HF while UbS and DAC fight for second place (with both having won two games, drawn one and lost one). BBH currently holds third place with one win, two draws and one loss.

Tyron 'Prokill' Bataille, NSD captain, says NSD's game with HF came as a wake up call. “They totally caught us out in the start. They were capping and defending the center flag very well, causing us to put extra effort into taking and holding two flags,” he says.

Pieta 'Pedi' van Wyk says HF had a good start. “We lost momentum with two quick disconnections. Besides that, NSD was all over the place. We felt like we were playing against 16 of them,” he says.

When it comes to games still to be played, Bataille shares his thoughts:

“I am worried about UBs and ATF as in the last leg we drew vs ATF but this map (Arica Harbour) will be tougher as I think it’s more their style. As for UbS, we played them on Arica Harbour in the last leg and only just came out on top.

“We are doing well but we are weary  coming towards the closing stages of the leg. We still need to face ATF and nAz and uBs and not let our guard down.”

Second Division (Group A)

SSG Ravens have taken the lead in this group, with BFB-Tubbeh coming in second place. The Ravens beat BUD on the map Laguna for their week 5 game (two games to zero). They will be facing the currently undefeated BFB side on Arica this coming week.

The Ravens have won four consecutive games in this leg and are looking strong for the playoffs. BFB have won all three of their games this leg.

Ian 'Surv0' Kidd from SSG says the Ravens have played well this leg, proving that commitment, effort, and hard work do pay off in a team game environment.

“Having been a bit shaky in the first leg, we are striding to make back that difference this leg and look forward to hopefully moving into the First Division after the playoffs,” he says.

WrG is sitting in third place with two wins and two losses, while Enthalpy Gaming are in fourth place, having one win, one draw and one loss. As things are going now, Enthalpy may not make the top three in their division, along with SLS, CraK and BUD.

Darrell 'FlatspinZA' MacLennan from WrG says the War Geeks entered the league as a social device to spend more time together as a clan, with no intentions of taking it seriously.

“As the league has progressed we have started to think about strategies and organise inter-clan practice matches. We have been having a lot of fun, and even though we have been severely outclassed by some of our opposition we are taking notes and learning from the experience, hopefully improving as we move ahead,” he says.

Second Division (Group B)

Group B has been dominated by -=NFX=- Invictus holding first place by winning all their games. The morale at team -=NFX =- is high and it seems they want to take their team to the next level of competition. They have a really dedicated team and play well together.

Rob “Vitblitz” Muir from -=NFX=- Invictus shares some of this thoughts on the leg thus far:

“This is our first league and we were put in our place in the first leg. So we decided to step it up, put in compulsory practice and get strats going and walkthroughs before each map.

“I am so proud of -=NFX=- as a whole – the chaps are more dedicated than ever, the morale is high; every player is like an important cog in a well oiled machine. We stick to our roles as team players, making victory our main goal.

“Thanks to hours of practice and a good group of dedicated players, strats have been drawn up and player roles allocated for upcoming battles. Needless to say -=NFX=- had it tough in beginning but we learnt from our mistakes, quickly making us a versatile team and we are looking forward to what else we can learn from the rest of the league.”

ESWAT and iB are tied for second, with ESWAT having played five games, winning two, drawing one and losing two; while iB have played four, won three and lost one.

This group also see the forfeit of the NSD second team due to a lack of devoted players.

Nashief 'ltdabull' Hendricks from iB shares some of his thoughts around their upcoming games:

“As the leg comes towards the closing stages we still have two games remaining against [AAG] and [MYBB] both on the map Arica Harbor. We only lost one game thus far against [NFX], it was our first game playing as a team with a few new members but we are improving every game.

“Beating [ESWAT] and [HF] was a step in the right direction after our first game. We're looking forward to the rest of the games and the league,” he says.

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